World heritage and test ride

Utopia offers so far a 8km tour for test rides to France with 100 meters of altitude. Now the route to the world cultural heritage Vöklinger Hütte is added and offers besides the charm of the ride through Saarland forests also a ride along the banks of the Saar and the exciting steelworks where steel used to be produced.

Also in direct neighbourhood only 6,5km away is the Musee-de-la-Mine in France. A large old mine which has now been converted into a walk-in museum. From Utopia you drive through the forest and an old railway line to the museum. The railway line has been converted into a cycle path.

The entire route in the circle from Utopia Velo to the World Heritage Site Völklinger Hütte, from there to the Musee-de-la-Mine and then back to Utopia Velo is about 22km long with 150 meters of altitude.

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