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Loadable Traction Bracket

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For everyday and intensive cyclists, bicycle travelers, big, weighty and XXL bikers

The Utopia Portal launches

The portal is for pedelecs a supplement to the Utopia App with many functions,
that make the use safer and more manageable.

    • The Utopia Portal is the "digital service" for e-mobility.
    • E-mobility is easily accessible thanks to the Utopia Portal.
    • We offer intelligent solutions that make e-mobility safer in everyday life and on journeys.

    Kranich and Pedersen

    Pedelec test winner 2019

    Kranich Test Winner Group Tour + Family
    Pedersen test winner Lifestyle Group

    71 pedelecs were tested by ExtraEnergy, Pedersen and Kranich achieved test victories in 3 groups.

    By far the highest motor power and the longest battery range are the reasons for the test wins, along with the smooth running and high driving safety.

    "The Kranich is a much times excellent and very durable everyday and travel bike without compromises," says Hannes Neupert, founder of "Even without a motor, it runs relatively easily. The bike is particularly suitable for larger and heavier people (200kg permissible total weight). It can also be powered by two rechargeable batteries (approx. 1000 Wh) - then, according to the testers, a range of over 130 kilometers in the highest support mode is possible."

    RadRatgeber:Test system from ExtraEnergyUtopia front and all-wheel drive

    Utopia App macht lange Touren schöner

    Utopia App for Smartphone

    Programs can be changed at any time, live display of power consumption, pedal force and pedal frequency. Display of speed with many details and diagnosis of battery and system.The Utopia App is available for iPhone and Android. But you can also drive without a smartphone and rely on the analog smart display.

    Steel frame from Utopia Velo

    Steel frames offer elastic handling and longer life. The Utopia steel frame construction has been in Holland since 1984.

     more about Utopia steel frame ...
     Utopia Velo Frame Dimensions

    Utopia Velo, Motor VR1F, Robust and PowerfulUtopia Velo, Motor VR1F, Robust and Powerful
    90% Wirkungsgrad Utopia Frontmotor VR1F

    This is the result of the colloquium of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Winternheimer - htw Saar to investigate the Utopia drive with permanently excited synchronous machine (DirectDrive without gearbox).

      • It's not only the power of the engine that counts, but also what comes onto the road as a drive.
      • With the VR1F engine there are no losses due to gearboxes or transmission to chain and rear wheel.
      • 90% of the current from the battery to the motor is brought to the road.
        Utopia Rahmen

        The cross frame is one of the secrets of the incomparable handling and long life of Kranich and London..

         History of the cross frame

        Biene - as we knew and cherished her

        Shortly before Christmas our Bernese Mountain Dog fell asleep.

        • She was an incredibly loving and understanding and at the same time independent being.
        • She enriched and shaped life here for all of us and changed many things for the better.
        • With persistent, friendly persistence she has achieved what was really important to her.
        • Whoever experienced her at the summer festival could not resist her charm.


          Mit 36% Rabatt für das Ladegerät

          News writing

           Forum wieder Aktiv

          In new form, but with all contributions since 1997. By the data protection laws the forum is now limited to registered customers with Utopia wheels. We are looking forward to the upcoming discussions.

          New Pedersen frame

          ThePedersen Manufactory is launching a new Pedersen frame after only 4 months since the takeover.

          Special changes are the longer wheelbase and the new rear suspension. All frames now with original Rohloff dropouts (fits all gears). In addition practical mounting parts at frame and fork. Now suitable for 55mm tire width. The fork has increased lateral stiffness. All tubes made of 25CrMo4 precision steel.