Privacy policy

Collection of personal data when visiting our website

Every time a user accesses a page from the utopia velo website and every time a file is retrieved, data about this process is stored in a log file. A personal evaluation of this data does not take place. The statistical evaluation of anonymous data records is reserved.

In detail, the following data record is stored about each retrieval

  • the host name of the accessing computer (the IP address assigned to you)
  • date and time of the server request
  • Content of the request (concrete page)
  • access status/HTTP status code
  • amount of data transferred in each case
  • Website from which the request came (referrer URL)
  • type and version of the browser you are using
  • the name of the operating system you are using;

This data is stored for data security reasons in order to ensure the stability and operational security of our system.

No other data is collected by the web server program when a browser is called up. Also no data (tracking) for personalized advertising on the web. We do not maintain any contacts with Google or other web companies.

Collecting and storing the log data of the web server

The log data of the web server is stored for a period of seven days when the website is visited and then deleted.

Use of cookies

Some of our pages may use cookies or other technologies set by us. This enables us to assist you more effectively when you return to our website. However, you have the option of setting your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie so that you can refuse to receive it. You can also deactivate the receipt of cookies via your browser. However, this may result in some pages no longer functioning properly.

Mail traffic

All our mails are sent encrypted and certified to our provider (One4Vision in Saarbrücken) and from there encrypted to the addressee. We have no influence on the encryption at your provider.

Also the mail reception is always encrypted. Our mail server is located on our premises and is well protected against attacks.

Personal data

Personal data is only stored by us in addition to the access data if you provide it to us voluntarily. Personal data will also only be used to the extent necessary and only for the purpose approved by you or legally permissible.

We store the following personal data of our customers and interested parties on our in-house server:

Buyers of Utopia and Pedersen bikes, spare parts and accessories.

  • The data is stored for 20 years.
  • The customer must be registered with Utopia to receive service, information and updates.
  • We also need to be in contact with you for possible callbacks.
  • We thus fulfil legal requirements.
  • The customers receive our mailings.
  • The mailings can be cancelled at any time if desired.
  • There is an unsubscribe request on each mailling.

Interested parties, who order the free RadRatgeber

  • This order data will be stored for 2 years and then deleted.
  • You will receive our information for 2 years.
  • This can be cancelled at any time.

The storage of this data

  • All data is stored on a computer in the house, which has no internet connection.
  • It is impossible to export the data.

Data from the Utopia App

  • Only mail address, model and frame number are stored.
  • This data is deleted after notification that you no longer use the Utopia App.

Data for new pedelec remote maintenance and portal (still in progress)

  • Personal data will not be stored.
  • Only the frame number is stored.
  • In addition all data from battery and electronics.
  • The routes (theft protection) are anonymous.
  • Everything is stored on servers in Germany and Holland.
  • The data is deleted when you no longer use the bike or sell it.

Buying via Utopia websites

  • We no longer have a Utopia shop with direct ordering.
  • You can select products from us there
  • and mail an order request to us.
  • It becomes an order only after order confirmation and payment (deposit).
  • The personal data will only be saved when it becomes an order.

Passing on of personal data to third parties

Personal data will not be passed on to third parties, in particular it will not be sold, rented or exchanged.

Only if we use subcontractors or vicarious agents (delivering forwarding agent, delivering dealer) to carry out the services you wish to use, who require this data, do we transmit the data to the extent necessary.

In this case, we oblige our partners to treat the data confidentially in accordance with the statutory provisions and to delete it immediately as soon as it is no longer required. However, please understand that we are unable to monitor compliance comprehensively, so that we accept no liability for any breaches by our partners.

Data Protection Officer

Utopia Velo and Pedersen Manufaktur is a small handicraft business. Personal data is processed and used by only 4 people, so we do not have a data protection officer. You can always contact us with questions regarding your data, just send an email to Inge Wiebe.

Storage of cookies and use of the "Matomo" analysis software

This website uses Matomo, an open source software for statistical analysis of visitor access. Matomo uses cookies, i.e. text files that are stored on your access device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and allow us to analyze the use of the website.

For this purpose, the information generated by the cookie (including your shortened IP address) is transmitted to the server on which our website is hosted and stored for usage analysis purposes. The server location is Germany. Your IP address is anonymized immediately after processing and before it is stored. 2 bytes of your IP address are masked, which corresponds to the last six digits.

The information generated by the cookie about your use of our website will not be passed on to third parties. You can prevent the use of cookies by setting your browser accordingly. However, in this case you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website.