Warranty conditions

Status January 2018

Warranty & Guarantee for Bicycles

Utopia Velo bicycles are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for frame and rigid fork:

  • CrMo steel frame max. 5 years and 50,000 km
  • Aluminum frame max. 4 years and 30,000 km

The warranty on rear swingarm and suspension fork is a maximum of 5 years or 25,000 km.

For frames and forks from individual sales, the warranty is 5 years on material defects.

The warranty for powder coating is 2 years with regular cleaning and at least annual waxing.

We have to refuse warranty for damages due to improper completion or other use than described in the Radratgeber and the service booklet for the model.

The warranty period of 2 years or the manufacturer's warranty period applies to all equipment parts - except for parts subject to wear and tear.

Damage due to accidents, violence, incorrect handling, lack of care or improper repairs cannot be accepted as a warranty claim.

The warranty claims of the purchaser are limited to replacement delivery, rectification or withdrawal from the contract (within the framework of the legal requirements), to the exclusion of claims for damages.

Further claims are excluded. Replacement is only granted for the defective part, not for the whole wheel.

  • The warranty period is not extended by warranty service.
  • In any case, warranty can only be provided to the original purchaser of the bike / frame / parts.

Special warranty conditions for demonstration bikes:

If demonstration bikes are purchased from an authorized Utopia dealer or directly from Utopia Velo, these are not new bikes. They have been used for test rides and trade fairs. Therefore the warranty on material defects on frame and fork is limited depending on the date of manufacture: 5 years for demonstration bikes up to the age of 2 years, 3 years for demonstration bikes that are 3 years old, 2 years for demonstration bikes that are 4 years old, 1 year for demonstration bikes that are 5 years old. Older demo bikes are not covered under warranty.

Required for warranty service:

  • Copy of purchase invoice or registration.
  • Proof of initial inspection and annual inspections at a qualified workshop.

If the bicycle was purchased from a retailer, warranty claims cannot be handled directly with Utopia Velo, but only through the responsible retailer.

  • Bicycles will be collected by us by forwarding agency, please provide the bike packed.
  • Transport costs will only be charged if the damage is not recognized as a warranty case.

Complaint handling for bicycles / parts

In case of complaints, please inform your dealer, who will clarify the further steps with us. Complaints can only be handled by us if you bought directly from Utopia Velo or if the shop no longer exists.

  • Complaints must always be made in writing, or by fax or e-mail.
  • We cannot accept or process complaints at trade fairs or on the phone.

Some Utopia suppliers, such as the hub, lighting or brake manufacturers have their own service and repair department. The defective parts are then sent in by the bicycle dealer or us directly to them, together with the necessary details.

Guarantee & warranty for parts and spare parts

  • Individual parts must be sent to us free of charge for inspection.

In case of complaints, the warranty conditions of the respective manufacturer apply. Please inform us in advance in case of a complaint, returns can only be accepted after prior consultation. Warranty claims are excluded in case of damage caused by improper use or repair attempts. We will repair or replace the defective products. Further claims cannot be accepted.


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