Tips for bike travel with luggage

Luggage always changes the riding characteristics of your bike. However, you decide to what extent. The luggage rack should remain as safe and stable as possible, even under load. This is especially important when you go shopping with your bike or when you are travelling with heavy luggage. You will only notice how much a luggage carrier has to do with your safety when the luggage starts to sway, your bike is difficult to steer and wants to break away. But then it is too late.

It's better to ask yourself the following questions before choosing a rack:

  • How much do I want it to carry?
  • How do I want to attach the luggage:
  • With tension belt, spring flap,
  • in bags or basket?
  • How light/heavy should the carrier be?

We offer you only stable carriers. Almost every one of them meets far more than the DIN standard, according to which rear wheel carriers have to cope with 25 kg and lowriders with 10 kg of load.

Modern travel racks can handle 40kg well - on a bike built for it and with proper weight distribution.

Rule of thumb for touring cyclists

  • 2/3 luggage should be in the back,
  • 1/3 in the front.
  • In the front, however, please only in the deep side pockets of your lowrider.
  • Only very light and not very high things belong on the front rack.
  • The higher your loads are transported, the more unsteady your bike will ride. Therefore keep the centre of gravity as low as possible.
  • Please always secure bags and other luggage well against slipping, swinging or falling down.
  • Handlebar bags should only be loaded with low weight because of their high attachment. Please note: They always slow down the steering!

Travelling with a basket

A basket can be useful as an addition to panniers when travelling. You can easily stow light things in the top.

  • Important: Do not load heavy things into the basket, so that the driving behaviour remains stable even at higher speeds.
  • The things in the basket must be fastened and must not move.

Foot room with luggage

Utopia frames are always built longer than is usual for bikes today. Therefore, with beveled bags, there will always be enough space between your heels and the panniers.

  • However, this is only true if your bike has the right frame height. With a body height of 1,80m, shoe size 47 and a frame height of 49cm (much too small) it will be too tight even with Utopia bikes.

Road holding with luggage

With luggage your bike rides differently.

  • On the mountain you need lighter(!) gears and acceleration takes longer.
  • With luggage you can and should never ride hands-free.
  • Downhill you should ride carefully and reduce speed early.

Travelling with a bicycle trailer

  • Using a bike trailer makes it easier to ride with children or heavy luggage.
  • You must include the weight of the trailer in the total permissible weight. It always puts a strain on the frame and fork when braking.

Pay attention to the total weight

On Utopia bikes, the permissible total weight is always specified. This is the weight of the rider, bicycle and luggage, including the bicycle trailer. In your own interest, you should never exceed the permissible total weight.

  • Example: Bicycle weight 17kg, rider 80kg, child trailer with children 45kg, luggage 15kg = 157kg. So that you still have some reserve, we recommend a strong bike with at least 160kg permissible total weight.
  • Otherwise the steering ability will be negatively affected.
  • The braking load will be too high, the braking distance too long.
  • If you ride over potholes and edges too quickly, the frame may be damaged.