Pedersen Manufacture

Utopia Velo has taken over Pedersen Manufaktur Kalkhoff on 1/1/2018 after the death of Kalle Kalkhoff († 20/09/2017), securing the future of Pedersen Manufaktur bicycles.

We are looking forward to these new tasks and want to deliver functional quality and plan important developments for the future of Pedersen bikes. This is what we understand by good tradition care.

Kalle Kalkhoff has achieved great things by developing the rare frame design of Pedersen bikes for an upright riding position into a world-renowned brand with the highest level of comfort. We are starting from this foundation and intend to develop the bikes further in his spirit.

New Pedersen frames

Longer wheelbase - production with Wim Hoefman

Following the official takeover of Pedersen Manufaktur Kalkhoff by Utopia Velo at the beginning of the year, its managing directors Inge Wiebe and Ralf Klagges set out to continue the development of Pedersen bikes "in the spirit" of Kalle Kalkhoff.

After only five months of development, Utopia Velo is now launching a revised Pedersen frame and the Pedelec version of the Pedersen on the market. The equally well-known and striking frame shape, consisting of 21 triangular formations, has undergone a careful renewal.

The Pedersen Pedelec

The novelty - the Pedersen Pedelec

The Pedersen Pedelc makes more of the Pedersen. Longer distances and hills are easy to master. The handling remains the same as you are used to from the Pedersen ...

Now with new frame, higher lateral stiffness, up to 55mm tires, repair-friendly cable routing ...