Since 2012, we have had 1-2 of our pedelecs put through their paces every year at ExtraEnergy.
  • We can learn from the experience of the test riders
  • and often implement it in the models
  • This is possible because all models are equal in drive and equipment.
  • The chance to become test winner out of a field of 50-80 competitors is very exciting.

Extra Energy Pedelecs Test

At the tests are not done in the lab, but about two dozen test riders ride real over roads and terrain.

The routes are flat, uphill and downhill just like in real life. Each test rider has to ride each model on the 4 test tracks, per model that's a total of 17km.

There are nine groups, each model is assigned to a group to which it fits in terms of appearance and handling. The evaluation criteria are slightly different in each group, according to the demands of the customers. In the Tour group, for example, the engine power and range are decisive, because there - as on trips - you ride with luggage.

So each model is driven a total of 408 kilometres. The test riders make reports on the ease of use, riding characteristics, hill-climbing ability, faults encountered, etc.

During the ride, the values for speed, altitude, cadence, power output, motor output, range, battery power are stored in the computer. This is then used to determine the performance profiles and differences.

We are very proud that with these practice-oriented test methods, which are very similar to the actual use of the pedelecs and our models have been test winners several times.