Autumn is the right time to buy a bike

From 01.11.19 Autumn discount

Most bicycles are bought from May to September, and these are often spontaneous decisions. But if you are looking for a bike that fits perfectly, you have many advantages when ordering in autumn:

    It's time for advice and test rides
    Dealers have more time for individual adjustments
    Until the spring you can ride the bike in well
    and get used to the new bike in peace and quiet.
    Utopia wheels are always made to order
    We always have the latest equipment and frames
    The electric drive with controller, motor and battery is up to date for 2020.
    In addition with winter discount.

You can save up to 304 € in autumn.
when buying a new Utopia bike or pedelec

The discount of 304 € can be achieved with two discount offers:

    The 150 € autumn discount for all new bikes
    And 154 € discount if you order the wheel in a RAL colour.

Now model, gear shift, select drive in the

Utopia Configurator

Pedersen Configurator
Please note

    Offer valid until 15.12.2019
    It applies to bicycle and pedelec
    and for Utopia and Pedersen wheels
    The offer is not valid for special offers, components or frames.
    The discount will be deducted from the invoice,
    It cannot be displayed in the configurator.