SilberMöwe Pedelec

The special feature of the Silbermöwe is the classic touring frame, which we have developed further and made more resilient for the new model.

  • Longer wheelbase, because length runs.
  • Crossed rear end gives more riding safety and increased lateral stiffness.
  • Reinforcement in the rear triangle provides stability when riding with a trailer.

The ideal bike for travel with or without luggage.


  • Highly resilient with long service life.
  • Up to 200kg total weight with 55 or 60mm tyres.
  • The ideal wheel for all sizes up to frame height 70cm.
  • The cross frame gives the bike its distinctive look
  • and the high driving safety.
  • All-wheel drive with traction control
  • Powerful support on the mountain
  • Long range for everyday life and travel
  • Direct motor control with force and cadence sensor
  • Effective pushing aid up to 4 km/h and starting aid on the mountain up to 6 km/h
  • Can be climbed on stairs by pushing with motor support
  • Many programs in the Utopia App for individual settings
  • Diagnosis with remote maintenance
  • Supportive control via Utopia App on smartphone
  • Reading speed, cadence and pedal force
  • The display of the current power similar to the tachometer in a car.

Ideal seating position

  • slightly inclined to deeply inclined.

Permissible total weight

  • With standard 55 mm tyres the permissible total weight is 180 kg.
  • By selecting the tyres you influence the permissible total weight:
  • Tyres 55, 57, 60 mm for 180 kg permissible total weight.
  • Tyres 50 mm for max.160 kg permissible total weight


  • > 54
  • > 59

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SilberMöwe Pedelec

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The Silver Gull can therefore now also withstand a permissible total weight of up to 180kg.
NEW: Left rear end now with tube stay to increase stability when using trailers.
Original Rohloff stainless steel dropouts
Hydraulic brake with red brake shoe