London Pedelec

Durable e-bike for everyday use, touring and cycling tours, for short and long distances up to world tours.this pedelec is not only suitable for the XXL sizes, but for everyone who is looking for comfort and quiet ride. The London is the ideal partner in everyday life and when travelling. As a pedelec it becomes a real long distance bike. Kranich and London are similar in frame geometry and handling.


  • Highly resilient with long service life.
  • Up to 200kg total weight with 55 or 60mm tyres.
  • The ideal wheel for all sizes up to frame height 70cm.
  • The cross frame gives the bike its distinctive look
  • and the high driving safety.
  • All-wheel drive with traction control
  • Powerful support on the mountain
  • Long range for everyday life and travel
  • Direct motor control with force and cadence sensor
  • Effective pushing aid up to 4 km/h and starting aid on the mountain up to 6 km/h
  • Can be climbed on stairs by pushing with motor support
  • Many programs in the Utopia App for individual settings
  • Diagnosis with remote maintenance
  • Supportive control via Utopia App on smartphone
  • Reading speed, cadence and pedal force
  • The display of the current power similar to the tachometer in a car.

Ideal seating position

  • Upright to slightly inclined.

Permissible total weight

  • With standard 55 mm tyres the permissible total weight is 200 kg.
  • By selecting the tyres you influence the permissible total weight:
  • Tyres 55, 57, 60 mm for 200 kg permissible total weight.
  • Tyres 50 mm for max.180 kg permissible total weight


  • > 56
  • > 59
  • > 63
  • > 68
  • > 73
  • > 78 Big, as special size on order
  • > 83 Big, as special size on order

London Pedelec

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