The steering

We only offer handlebars that do not break. Lightweight Micro Steel or robust Niro handlebars. No more aluminum handlebars. New are the two Ergo handlebars in size M and XXL.

Cruiser Nirosta

The difference between our handlebars is the grip position. This is determined by the handlebar width and the grip angle. The most comfortable handlebar is the Cruiser.

  • Material stainless steel, polished
  • Grip angle 48
  • width 60cm.
  • Weight 524g.
  • Loadable up to 120kg.


The Tour handlebar with its crescent shape fits well in the hand and is suitable for different riding positions. It is the most sold Utopia handlebar.

  • Tour Micro Alloy Steel
  • Material Micro Alloy Steel.
  • Surface black KTL coating.
  • Grip angle 21°.
  • Width 60cm.
  • Weight 360g.
  • Load capacity up to 100kg.
  • Tour Nirosta
  • Material stainless steel, polished
  • Handle angle 21
  • Width 60cm.
  • Weight 430g.
  • Loadable up to 120kg

Ergo M and XXL

A slightly upward curved, rather straight handlebar. It combines comfort and sportiness.

  • Material Micro Alloy Steel.
  • Surface black KTL coating.
  • Grip angle 12°.
  • Width M 59cm, XXl 64cm.
  • Weight M 380g, XXl 424g.
  • Load capacity up to 120kg.

Charisma stem

For bikes without Speedlifter we now offer the Charisma stem. Together with the Ergo handlebar and the high head tube of many Utopia frames you can ride very comfortable.

  • Material aluminium, black
  • Length 110mm , inclined upwards.

Swell Eco stem

It is black sandblasted and looks elegant. This stem offers stability at low weight. It is available in two lengths:

  • 100mm and 120mm.

Adjust the distance between handlebar and saddle With this stem you can easily change the distance between handlebar and saddle (increase or decrease) or adjust the handlebar height slightly.

Speedlifter Classic

This elegant part allows you to adjust the height of your bike handlebars easily and without tools: Whether sporty or with a relaxed upright sitting position - in seconds you can adjust the height of your bicycle handlebars precisely and twist-proof with the Speedlifter.

Speedlifter Twist

The Speedlifter Twist offers you a turning function in addition to the handlebar height adjustment. With the Twist you can turn the handlebar by 90° without tools. Utopia offers the Speedlifter in two heights:

  • Speedlifter T10
  • Speedlifter T14 - only as Twist
  • Ideal for relaxed upright sitting.