REMOTE SERVICE and theft protection

English: FERNWARTUNG und Diebstahlschutz

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Remote maintenance and anti-theft protection

We can quickly diagnose the controller, motor, display, sensor, bottom bracket and battery via remote maintenance. It is independent of location or country.

Please inform us of the theft in the text field so that we can activate the theft protection.

In order to make this diagnosis quickly we need your frame and battery number and the email address with which you are registered in the app. These data are not linked to the pedelec data due to data protection and must first be compiled, which delays.

Precondition for diagnosis:

You are using the current Utopia App

  • then we see data to controller, motor, display and sensors
  • If possible, the app must still be used during the last trips.
  • Your Utopia pedelec system must not be older than January 1, 2016.
  • Batteries with telematics technology have the number 610 ...... and transfer the data without the App.

  • And can be as of spring 2018
  • For older systems (2010 - 2015) the diagnosis can be made via PC cable at Utopia.
  • And also at some dealers, please inquire

If you want to be called please write your number in the text field with "Problems". We will only contact you by mail if we can get a picture of the condition of your bike. The call will mostly come after the mail.

  • For this we need your frame and battery number.
  • The first mail field will be used as sender and our answer will arrive there.
  • Use the second field for mail only if you are registered in the app with a second mail address.

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