The special feature of the Silbermöwe is the classic touring frame, which we have developed further and made more resilient for the new model.

It has important advantages over the short wheelbases commonly used today, which are based on the dimensions of MTB's and road bikes, although these bikes ride without luggage. The SilberMöwe can therefore now also cope with a permissible total weight of up to 180kg.

A bike with tradition and future

The classic touring bike. Now with new frame. It is still the Utopia classic. Already featured in the first Utopia catalogue in 1982. A bike for long journeys and good for everyday use.

Like all Utopia bikes, it has a longer wheelbase than is usual in the spirit of the times. The frame geometry still corresponds to the French and Italian Randonneur bikes of the 60 - 90s. Always aware that for long distances with luggage you need comfort, condition and space for luggage.


  •  Longer wheelbase, because length runs.
  •  Crossed rear end gives more driving safety and increased lateral stiffness.
  •  Reinforcement in the rear triangle provides stability when driving with a trailer.
  •  The ideal bike for travel with or without luggage.
  •  Longer wheelbase for even more driving safety and foot room
  •  Crossed rear end with flat oval top tube, increases lateral stiffness
  •  Rear bar for increased safety when driving with a trailer.

Ideal seating position

  •  Slightly to deeply inclined.

Permissible total weight

  •  With standard 55 mm tyres the permissible total weight is 180 kg.
  •  By selecting the tyres you influence the permissible total weight:
  •  Tyres 55, 57, 60 mm for 180 kg permissible total weight.
  •  Tyres 50 mm for max.160 kg permissible total weight


  •  > 54
  •  > 59


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